Extrusion molding the powder binder from the enhancement flow technology, the role of maintaining the shape, it can be said binder is a hard metal core rod extrusion molding technology. It generally consists of a group from the bond skeleton element, plasticized component as well as a small amount of lubricant additives, such as the role of component composition. The requirements for the binder can be summarized as follows: a good wetting of the powder, strong adhesion, the powder does not react with a certain strength and toughness.

Binder must meet the powder molding process liquidity requirements under the premise of full consideration for extruded bars degreasing process performance, the choice will be forming agent and forming agents and formulations as well as the removal of the final product performance combined with together.

Strictly control the amount of binder added, adding the amount is too low, carbide rods forming difficulties and breakage; dosage is too high, although easy to squeeze, but the product deformation, and to the subsequent degreasing difficult.

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