Extrusion speed

Since extrusion pressures to overcome the adhesive consumption deformation flow, and the internal friction of the powder material extruded between the extrusion nozzle friction resistance, so that when squeezing pressure to overcome the resistance, the extrusion begins for since the extrusion pressure continues to increase, mainly to improve the extrusion speed.

In a certain range, the quality of the extrusion speed has little effect on the blank, so the choice of extrusion speed mainly from the production efficiency and ease of operation considerations. However, the extrusion rate is too low will produce bamboo-like traces, and the extrusion speed is too high and tends to produce uncompacted, uneven density and so on, in the subsequent sintering process is prone to bending deformation.

Extrusion speed between the extrusion pressure

Extrusion speed between the extrusion pressure(Click to enlarge)

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